hi, i'm Nick

I am a graphic designer currently based in Boston, MA. I am passionate about all the different mediums of design, whether it be a printed piece or an interactive website. The challenge to take an idea and bring it to life visually for people is what keeps me ticking. I strive for simplistic but unique designs that will leave clients speechless. 

I graduated from Quinnipiac University with a bachelors in interactive digital design with a minor in fine arts. I like to work with my hands whenever I can. I'm currently working on my handwriting and calligraphy skills at the moment.

When I am away from my computer I enjoy playing tennis, hiking new trails up in NH, photography, & cooking. "On a side-note I make killer dumplings that will make your stomach crave more."  

If you have a project and need a timeless design to bring your business to the next level, lets connect. 


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